At the MWC 2012 opera software introduced not only Opera Mobile 12, but the next version of Opera Mini. New under the “intriguing” name 7 Next Opera Mini is a test version of the mobile browser. As the developers, by analogy with the development of a desktop version of the browser, they decided to organize a test and development branch Opera Mini Next. Next version is installed separately from the stable version of Opera Mini and the list of applications presented a gray icon, which helps protect users from accidental loss of personal data held in a stable version of Opera Mini, installed on the device.

opera mini 7

Among the changes in Opera Mini 7 Next particularly striking changes in the expression panel. More precisely, in addition to the Speed ​​Dial has another tab that opens when you start the browser by default, under the working title “Smart page”. It should please those who are used to actively use the Internet access via mobile browser, but are not limited viewing two or three favorite pages. Smart page consists of several sections, including a list of most frequently visited resources (a separate line item provides access to popular services Google – Google +, GMail and Google News), block access to social networks, Block News (displayed here with direct links to new publications on the haunted sites of the first block) and block the recommended resources, broken down by category (News, Finance, Travel, etc.). At the top of the page and ad unit placed two banners (at this moment it links to MyOpera and Opera Mobile Store .) Some blocks are updated automatically, depending on the user visits pages that contain some pre-set links to popular resources specific topics (as long as it’s English-language resources that will replace them with popular local sites of similar themes.) The red squares on the screen shot at the title bar of the block suggests that this unit is offline. To move them, use the “flipping” the right and left. The developers made ​​it possible to disable the page Smart page (Preferences-Advanced-Home). Express panel, as well as in Opera Mobile 12, also became a “dimensionless” – you can add as many links. Trnr addition, this version of Opera Mini Fixed synchronization problem: when you turn on the Opera Link “mobile” Speed ​​Dial adds all the links from the desktop version, in the order in which they are placed on the PC. Other important innovations include the emergence of auto-update Opera Mini, as well as the fact that phone users on the platform Symbian/S60 have Russian keyboard layout on the virtual keyboard. Version for Android is available in the Android Market , and for iOS is out Opera Mini 7 Final in Apple App Store . Members of phones with J2ME, and Symbian/S60 and Blackberry can download Opera Mini 7 Next at / next .