Everyone loves technology. A simple statement but one that’s becoming increasingly true as mobile technology gathers a greater amount of momentum. Indeed, with Smartphone apps now taking over the virtual sphere, you can now control almost every aspect of your life from the comfort of you palm.


One area which has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the last few years is mobile gaming and Unibet’s mobile platform is one of the finest examples of the genre. Complete with all the functionality of the brand’s desktop portal, Unibet mobile gives you the ability to bet on a range of international fixtures or casino games with the click of a button (or the press of a touch screen as the case may be).

One of the most appealing aspects of mobile sports betting is the range of additional bonuses you can reap when you sign-up. Because these apps are the latest craze in the gambling world it’s become possible for you to earn even more cash with your first mobile transaction. Whether it’s free bets or extra credits, the benefits of mobile sports betting begin even before you make your predictions.

Once inside an app such as Unibet Mobile you begin to see why the platform is slowly overtaking its desktop relative. Aside from being portable, these apps have been fully optimised so that you can literally find a fixture, place and bet, deposit and withdraw in the most efficient way possible. Indeed, the process of placing a bet is actually smoother on a mobile than on your computer; something which makes these apps perfect for in-play betting or spinning the roulette wheel.

Using a mobile platform such as Unibet gives you access to a host of live betting boards which allow you to risk your money on a series of ongoing fixtures. Whether you’re sitting on the bus or enjoying an evening meal, you can always stay in touch with the action by using a mobile sports betting app.

So, whether or not you have a penchant for sports betting, you should check out the range of mobile betting apps currently on the market if you want a quick way to improve your finances.