Planning to set-up your first business online? You might be so excited about it and also must have planned for the website overview and complete strategy. Maybe your website is ready too. What next? Scratching your head? Nah…Don’t get stressed!

I will guide you on each step you need to take. Since your website is ready, you will need to host it on a server to make it available to all. Now, for that you will need to select a suitable web hosting plan. Don’t have any idea about web hosting? Let’s take a look at which is suitable for you.

There are several web hosting plans such as cheap shared hosting, dedicated, cloud, VPS, WordPress, ecommerce and other application hosting plans. Basically, start-up and small business websites opt for shared hosting as those plans are affordable as well as offer enough resources for their website traffic. But there’s also a more basic web hosting plan for start-ups and that is unlimited web hosting. Yes, you get unlimited resources for your website with this plan.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

Unlimited Web Hosting may refer to any one of essential elements offered with web hosting package, the disk space and bandwidth. A web host can offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth (unlimited transfer) or both, but refer to the plan as Unlimited Web Hosting. For your information, disk space is used to store all your website files and data while bandwidth is used to transfer your website data from local computer to remote server or from a server to computer. However, “Unlimited Web Hosting” may also refer to other hosting features, such as unlimited add-on domains, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases, and even more.

Your next step is to find a web hosting provider that offers unlimited hosting at affordable pricing and all essential features. To make your search easy, here’s a review of the best pocket-friendly unlimited web host for start-up websites.

What is MilesWeb?

Being one of the leading web hosting providers of India, MilesWeb offers several hosting options to cater all types of business websites. They not only offer affordable hosting plans but also ensure that their customers get satisfied with their service. Their technical team is highly expert in terms of Linux and Windows administration, control panels, website migration, virtualization technology and other trending technologies. Their web hosting plans are highly capable of supporting you to manage your websites in an easy way that will your time as well as money. Currently, they serve over 9000 customers and around millions of websites with their hosting services.

Let’s check what they have to offer with their unlimited hosting plans:

MilesWeb Unlimited Web Hosting

MilesWeb offers unlimited web hosting plans that are suitable for all types of businesses. All their unlimited web hosting plans are powered by Amazon cloud platform. Their basic plan starts with Economy at Rs.99/mo and comprises of 1 host website, 1GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cPanel +Softaculous, 3 MySQL DBs and 10 email accounts.

The second plan is Value at Rs.204.30/mo and includes 1 host website, free.COM domain, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cPanel +Softaculous, unlimited MySQL DBs and unlimited email accounts.

The third plan is Unlimited at Rs.312/mo and includes unlimited host website, free.COM domain, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cPanel +Softaculous, unlimited MySQL DBs and unlimited email accounts.

Reasons for MilesWeb Being Best in Business

Amazon Cloud Platform

All the unlimited hosting plans are based on Amazon cloud platform and so, you don’t at all need to worry about performance and security.


You will find many good pointers about MilesWeb and one of them is that your website will remain up and running for the visitors around the clock. MilesWeb takes the pride of offering 99.95% uptime to all of its customers, despite the type of plan you select. Even though this is an important asset for other web hosting companies, MilesWeb not only guarantees this but offers in reality.

However, they couldn’t have promised this without their highly secure infrastructure, databases and network operations, etc. which are monitored every day.


MilesWeb understands the importance of security and therefore, offers various data protection features such as free SSL certificate, secure email accounts, website backup and restore, SiteLock basic and SpamExperts. But from all these website backup and restore is offered at Rs.99/mo, SiteLock basic at Rs.1625/Yr and SpamExperts at Rs.195/mo. As these protection features are options, it’s on you whether to buy them or ignore them and take the risks.

If you buy the website backup and restore feature, they maintain all your website content and database backup on their cloud. In case, you lose any data, it can be easily restored from the cloud backup.

Additionally, the malware scan and removal feature scans for malware to ensure that your website is free from intrusive viruses.

Customer Support

Though you know everything about your website along with the technical specifications, it is important that your site works well and therefore, MilesWeb’s support team is always onboard despite of what advice you’re seeking.

It doesn’t matter what plan you have selected to buy, their team will be available 24/7 and you can reach them via live chat, phone and email.

Furthermore, MilesWeb has a knowledgebase and forum that offer solutions for the issues related to your website.


No one would like to be swindled and therefore, you all love the money-back guarantee service. You can claim for the refund within 30 days of service purchase, if you aren’t satisfied with MilesWeb’s services.


No host will offer you a 100 percent uptime as it isn’t possible due to unexpected technical problems that may arise. But close to 100 percent, as MilesWeb offers, is what you should practically expect. MilesWeb offers 99.95% uptime guarantee with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters.

Unlimited Hosting Features

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb by default offers SSL certificate with its unlimited web hosting plans, free of cost. This helps your visitors to show that your website is trusted. SSL will help you to protect your website and sensitive data of your visitors and will also boost your website ranking.

Free Site Builder

Worried about building your website? You get a free site builder tool in which you just need to select the template, add content or images and publish the website. You don’t need to have any coding skills or technical background required.

Pure SSD Storage

Want your visitors to have a better user experience? With SSD disks you will experience faster page loads as these drives use flash memory which isn’t used by traditional HDD disks.


Secure Email Accounts

MilesWeb offers secure unlimited POP3 / IMAP email accounts with webmail support. This helps you access emails anywhere and anytime.



Thinking about your website management? cPanel will help in managing your website as well as emails, databases, domains, sub-domains and much more. You can easily do everything with its clean and simple interface.

1-Click Installer

Softaculous is a one-click installer that allows you to install several applications just with a single-click. You can install over 400 applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, etc. with it. You will find Softaculous in your cPanel.

Datacenter Choice

Want a data center choice for your website hosting? MilesWeb offers you datacenters in India, UK and US. You can select your preferred server location as per your target audience while signing-up.

Free Website Migration

Are you not getting all the required resources for your website from your current host? You can switch to MilesWeb at any time without any additional charges. Their team will help you in complete migration without any data loss.

Final Words

Lastly, MilesWeb is a good choice for hosting your website as you get all the required features at pocket-friendly prices. If you check with other hosts for all these features, you will find that they charge you more. MilesWeb unlimited hosting is specially designed for those you are on a sensitive budget. So, if you are a startup or a small business, you can always opt for MilesWeb and plan your business growth.