iPhone has received the attention that it required from Microsoft Office. It’s the first time that Microsoft’s Office is coming on iPhone with its mass software platform.  We’ve seen Quick Office do the job of Office files. Now, Microsoft office is coming on iPhone with mass support for spreadsheets, documents and presentations no matter where you are.

Microsoft’s Office is coming on iPhone

Although, Microsoft hasn’t said anything about making an iPad version or any Android version but they’re gaining huge popularity through $100 a year per subscription. Microsoft Corp. has named the application as Office Mobile for iPhone. Apple isn’t charging anything for downloading Office software on iPhones through App store. But, if you want to use Office 365 then you’ve to pay $100 per year and you’ll get the advantage of using it up to 5 Mac and Windows computers. You’ve to download Office Mobile and Office 365 separately. Microsoft is trying to make some profit through making people subscribe to Office 365 which has been sold in a single purchase historically. In order to run the same files on multiple devices, this software will help the people.

This announcement may relief you from the inability to use office files in iPhone but, according to Chris Schneider, marketing Manager of Microsoft Office, there’s not any information on Android or iPad. Still, you can get the service through web browsers but app is still unavailable. The web app requires  the devices to have a constant internet connection which isn’t preferable in many tablets.

Windows 8 tablets can support the regular office versions. Many features have been introduced and designed for tablets in a lightweight version named Windows RT. Windows 8 tablets lag far behind the sales of iPad and other Android tablets which causes the Microsoft team to develop such an app. You can still open Documents, Presentations and Spread Sheets through iPhone’s Office Mobile and synchronize among your multiple devices through skydrive.

We’ve also come to know that iPhone’s mobile screen will reformat the word file accordingly and it will contain animations, comments, charts and other important features. These features are still unavailable on Google’s Android OS.

iPhone’s Office Mobile is meant for lightweight editing on the go. That means you can’t take too many complex calculations or highly-graphical woks. Let’s see what is waiting in the next sequence for us.