Microsoft says, their upcoming OS Windows 8 will feature enhanced connectivity capabilities, better skills, social networking and support for exciting new applications and with various multimedia features.

Microsoft designed new platform Windows 8 for a new range of laptops, it was natural that also offer great entertainment capabilities, regardless of computer architecture in which Windows 8 is installed (x86-based devices and ARM must offer the same features). If it is a movie, listen to music, chat or more rich media should provide a great experience to all users, Microsoft says.

Microsoft, Windows 8 was designed to allow users to participate in a wide variety of multimedia activities, while also offering developers the ability to use these capabilities through an extensible multimedia platform. . Microsoft designed the media platform Windows 8 , focusing on specific aspects of the process which Maximize the performance . We wanted the media playback is fast, allowing the use of the full power of hardware and maximizing battery life of laptops.

We wanted platform that can be easily extended and adapted to a particular application, setting the stage for innovative custom multimedia applications on Windows. Allow a variety of scenarios and high performance, high efficiency, extensible platform can enable a wide variety of music, video, communications and other multimedia applications. The result should impress everyone. Windows 8 platform can provide video decoding and playback in real time, instant voice communications, long battery life.

In a recent entry in the Building Windows 8 , Scott Manchester, program group manager for Team Media Platform and Technologies at Microsoft, explains in detail what makes Windows 8 is a rich media platform. Scott Manchester, provides information on resource use, the codec support, guidance video streaming capabilities, transitions, audio, video, 3D stereo support for displaying content across multiple screens, platform capabilities to adapt and more.

“The Windows platform 8 is designed to provide a multimedia experience smooth and responsive with great battery life,” says Scott Manchester at the end. “We designed Windows 8 to offer a wealth of experience across a wide range of settings, including voice, audio and video playback and streaming. As multimedia applications continue to evolve, the Windows multimedia platform will allow these experiences to shine on all computers with Windows 8 . “