Rovio always continues to intrigue Angry Birds fans! Rovio just today on their official YouTube channel released video of a new character called the Pink Bird which is a new member of the Angry Birds.

Based on the video, the character introduced by Rovio is uniquely feminine gender.

Earlier on Rick Keyser talked about  Pink Bird should appear in a new episode of Angry Birds Seasons, which will be dedicated to the Chinese holiday Tsisitsze which is called the Chinese Valentine’s Day . The holiday is dedicated to the history associated with the night. This year the holiday falls on a CNNIC August 23 , which is important for several reasons. First, this Friday is your favorite day of the release of updates and new versions for Rovio. And finally, the Far Eastern theme this year – the home of “Seasons” and complies with Rovio’s plans to expand the market.

But it is – just a suggestion of one of the fans. What will happen in reality – no one knows yet, but Rovio only fuels our interest. Stay tuned – and as soon as something new arrives we’ll write about it!