Well, this is weird, but some blogs really came up with this bug which allows Android WhatsApp user to extend their WhatsApp license for 10 years for free.

whatsapp license

So far the best BBM like messenger app for Android now asking $0.99 license fees per year after 1 year trial on Android.

So how to upgrade your Whatsapp messenger license for 10 years for free :

What you need to have :

1. iphone or ipad.

2. Android phone with Whatsapp phone number which license has to be upgraded.

How to extend the license of Whatsapp for 10 years?

1. On iphone register your Whatsapp phone number which license has to upgrade. You do not need to switch the sim but only need to have working data plan or working  Wi-Fi connection on iphone.

2. While registering new number you will receive 3 digit verification number on your phone enter it and verify the same on iphone.

3. Again install Whatsapp on Android and while registering enter your mobile number which previously registered on iphone. Complete the registration process and voilà you have another 10 years of Whatsapp license.

You can check the validity of your license in your Android phone by going to Whatsapp main menu-settings-Account-Payment info and look for service expiration date.