Google is apparently planning punishments for websites with over SEO optimized. This suggested, at least Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team at the SXSW conference. The search algorithm could be modified according to even be used in the next few weeks.

For webmasters that their sites with a large portion of SEO to wash up in the ranking, could soon blow a fierce headwind. How to read a transcription of a lecture given by Matt Cutts Search Engine Land is, Google is currently working on a penalty for too much SEO . Who, for example, placed an excessive number of key words on a website or on an average exchange links with many other sites may slip on activation of the new search algorithm in the low stakes of the search results. Then for good content will continue to come back up, even if they are less optimized for search engines.

Only in the last week we had reported, that Google wants to make the search more intelligent . Place in the search results only display links, queries should be answered in future also with direct facts.

Together with the proposed punishment for over-optimized sites that would be a very clear sign that Google ‘s own core business very seriously and after the launch of Google + now again wants to move increasingly into focus.