Movies and Songs had always been a matter of addiction for human beings, and they always will be! Moreover, most of movie & music freaks have a tendency to store their favorite titles in the digital form! Through that method, they can ensure they can enjoy their favorite movies and music, whenever they want to do so! Nevertheless, converting your favorite media into the digital form is not an easy job, unless you have some powerful tools with you. Here, in this article, we would like to introduce two powerful tools to you that will definitely help you in mentioned task. We are equally glad to host a giveaway of these two tools – Blu-ray ripper and Tunes Cleaner from Leawo– in our blog. Check here:

566x293Blu-ray Ripper – Movie Collection made easy

Sometimes, to free yourself from the usual world and hence to join the world that director has created, you need to ensure the quality of movies. In that sense, you will have to grab the movie video from a Blu-ray disc itself. In similar situations, Blu-ray ripper from Leawo would definitely help you, as this tool can help you rip Blu-ray discs in a simpler method. Leawo has published this tool for both Windows and Mac devices, so that you can ensure the same ripping experience in both platforms. As you might have guessed, using Blu-ray ripper for Windows or Mac, you can convert the movie discs into popular video file formats such as MP4, AVI, and MKV etc. In addition to the usual conversion, it will be a useful feature of Blu-ray ripper to convert between 3D and 2D movies in no time. Apart from the ability to select the file format according to the device you want to use, you can customize features of converted file as well.

Tunes Cleaner – Let Music be Unique

While the first tool is for movie freaks, this tool will be a superb blessing for those who use iTunes to keep favorite music titles you, especially to use along with Apple devices. Using Tunes Cleaner, you can find out duplicate music in the iTunes library, and hence delete them according to your convenience. To detect music files, you have many kinds of criteria to use. For instance, while detecting music files, you can filter those files using artist, album or something else, and thus your results would be quite precise. Once you have selected all such music files, you can just apply the action to all those files. Indeed, this is an awesome tool for music lovers. Now, we hope that you are interested to participate in this awesome giveaway!

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