You may have heard of vulnerability scanning but do you understand exactly what it is and what features it can bring to your business or organisation? Vulnerability scanning is the process of identifying possible areas of an organisation’s computing systems and networks that are vulnerable to security breaches, such as hackers or other threats. Vulnerability scanning software automatically seeks out security issues, working from a database of known areas of threat, testing these and generating a report that can be used to remedy the situation.


We’ve put together a list of the key features of vulnerability scanning so you can understand how this type of software will benefit your business. And if you’re considering vulnerability scanning software, we also recommend that you take a look at NCC’s service here.

The key features of vulnerability scanning software are:

The ability to continually assess, track and help solve vulnerabilities

The main feature of vulnerability scanning software is to constantly track possible vulnerable areas in an organisation’s systems and networks. Whilst in-depth penetration testing is often run on a system every year or quarterly, vulnerability scanning software allows you to test on a weekly or daily basis, giving you better all-round protection.

Application reports with recommendations on how to strengthen vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning software generates application reports which will not only outline any possible weaknesses in your systems, but will also give detailed recommendations on how these areas can be strengthened.

Frequent notifications with daily delta scanning services

Alongside your major penetration testing, vulnerability scanning software will give you frequent notifications of any issues and can be used on a daily basis with an in depth delta scan monthly.

Risk ratings for quick risk assessment

The reports generated from vulnerability scanning software will feature a simple high, medium or low risk rating, depending on the level of threat that has been assessed. An easy way of identifying possible security problems quickly.

A fully managed service

Because vulnerability scanning services from companies like NCC Group offer a fully managed service, it will quickly decrease the time and effort your team need to spend on your system testing and security, freeing them to concentrate on more valuable work.

A cost effective service

A fully managed service is also a much more cost effective way of giving you security. The companies that offer the software are dedicated monitoring teams, meaning the price of such software is cheaper than employing your own team to test and protect your systems.

Software is constantly updated

Vulnerability scanning software is constantly updated and evolved, so as threats become ever-more complex, you can be reassured that you will have the correct level of security.

So if you’re considering how to protect your company or organisation from the myriad of threats that exist on the web, it is essential to look at vulnerability scanning services. It is the cheapest, most efficient and most effective way of protecting your business online.