So you’ve got yourself a computer science degree and you’re ready to hit the job market and see what’s available. Fortunately for you, jobs related to computer science are more prevalent than ever and the market is only continuing to expand. You’ll have plenty of options available to peruse through, and we can start you off with five right here.

computer science

Mobile Application Developer

With smart phone popularity continuing to be on the rise, there is more need than ever for people who can design good apps for them. A mobile application developer is behind every game, every helpful map service, every dictionary, and every calculator on your phone. The things you can design are truly limitless, so you can dedicate your time to the niche you feel like filling, whether it’s entertainment or something that can be used on the daily.

Gaming Engineer

These days, gaming engineer jobs are easier to find than ever. Games have become more than just a niche thing; there are games available for almost every genre, and almost anyone out there is likely to find at least one that suits them. If you have a passion for games and want to work in the gaming industry, this option would be perfect for someone with a degree. You can help bring your visions to life and send a new game out into the market, which is a job you can really take pride in.

Web Developer

If you ever wonder who creates the technical structure that websites are built upon, look no further than your web developer. Working in this field is similar to being a software engineer in that it’s your job to check that web pages will work as they are designed to. You’ll test websites through different interfaces and browsers, making sure that every page can be accessed and that all links and downloads work properly. You use search engine optimization to rack up the hits and views on the page you’re working on, making you a vital part of marketing, too.

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, your job would be to work with other people’s computer applications. It’ll be up to you to make sure that these applications run without any hitches and execute all of their functions as they should. Likewise, you’re going to be one of the lines of defense against glitches or bugs, spending some of your time doing testing to debug anything that comes your way. You should know that this is a pretty broad category, however, and that the requirements to apply for software engineer positions can differ widely from one job to the next.

Project Manager

Every team of analysts and programmers will need a project manager behind them, helping things to flow smoothly. As a project manager, you’ll oversee teams as they create products. It will be your job to come up with solutions to technical problems, increase the team’s productivity, and figure out any tech issues a company might be having. Not only will you need to have a computer science degree for this one, but you should be good at solving problems and managing conflicts, too.

There are plenty of other jobs out there that are also looking for people with computer science degrees, of course. These are just a few to get you started, being among the most easily accessible and sometimes highest paying.