Jam with Chrome goes to show what is in the browser without Flash and with Webkit, HTML5 and JavaScript, anything is possible. The Chrome Experiment is accessible to all, as I see, Google account necessary.

JAM with Chrome is based on Apple’s GarageBand and allows you to create music with virtual instruments. Unfortunately Mobile devices are not supported, notebook or desktop computer are needed. Like GarageBand, you can either single notes, playing full chords or melodies automated. The presentation of the instruments really succeeded and little animations everywhere adorn the scene.

Jam with Chrome



JAM with Chrome is a collaborative live music experience in your browser, that makes use of several web technologies and Google products, to allow you and up to three of your friends to jam together in real time. When you play the instruments, your browser will tell other users’ browsers which notes to play, how to play them, and how to animate the user interface.


Really cool about the whole story: You can invite and share link easily up to three friends together and start a little music session. Of course, the operation using the keyboard not as many features as a real instrument, as are the requirements for the melodies limited. The variety of instruments attract you to explore, and there are various modifications for most instruments. The only requirement is the Chrome browser and the experiment to work on all desktop operating systems which support Chrome.