The network appeared hardware specifications and the cost of SSDs Intel SSD 330Drives based on the basis of 25-nanometer NAND flash chip architecture MLC (multi level cell) and equipped with SATA 6 Gb / sThe line includes SSD’s of capacities of 60, 120 and 180 GB respectively.

The linear read and write speed is 500 MB / s, and 450 MB / s for the more expensive models, 120GB and 180 GB and 500 MB / s, and 400 MB / s for the 60GB model. The cost of 120GB SSD starred in several retail stores and is 149 dollars, which is 60 dollars less than similar models of the Intel 320, while 60 GB SSD will cost 89 dollars, and 180 GB234 dollars, respectively.

Online orders for Intel SSD 330 to appear in April 13 this year.