NVIDIA announced that the system of SAGA, the most powerful supercomputer in India which has an 86th place in the last updated list of Top500 , utilizes NVIDIA ® graphics processors to improve the design and analysis of launch vehicles, which is an important aspect of the national space program.

supercomputer SAGA

Supercomputer SAGA, developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), one of the six major world institutions for Space Research, is used to solve complex problems of aviation. SAGA equipped with NVIDIA Tesla ® 640 GPU, which provide a peak performance of up to 394 teraflops, allowing ISRO to accelerate and improve the design of new and existing satellite launch vehicles through more sophisticated and accurate simulation.

“GPUs are enabled to reduce development time, simulation and testing of new models from several weeks to several days, while significantly improving the overall quality and reliability”, – reported in ISRO. “This level of supercomputing has a strong influence on our space program, allowing us to continually improve our forecasts.”

ISRO and the SAGA application use PARAS-3D simulations for a resource-intensive computational fluid dynamics to optimize the design of launch vehicles for greater efficiency in different threads. Thanks to the NVIDIA Tesla ® 640 GPU, ISRO performs complex simulations is 7-8 times faster than the CPU – system, reducing development time, testing and implementation of new systems by the same factor. In addition, higher density calculations on the GPU-based applications for scalability and reduces the requirements on investments in communications infrastructure.

“The Indian government was involved in the global supercomputing race, having invested $1 billion to create a network of supercomputers petaflopsny, a new generation across the country,” – said Sumit Gupta, Director of Product Tesla business at NVIDIA. “India joined the United States, China, Germany, Japan, Russia and other countries that send the power of supercomputing to solve the most pressing in the world of computing, scientific and engineering problems.”


Recently World’s leading chip maker Intel announced Xeon Phi processor for supercomputers.

Here is the list of World’s top 10 fastest supercomputers:

10. Nebulae, China

Nebulae supercomputer

Site: National Supercomputing Centre in Shenzhen (NSCS)
Manufacturer: Dawning
Cores: 120640
Power: 2580.00 kW
Interconnect: Infiniband QDR
Operating System: Linux


9. Curie thin nodes, France

Supercomputer French curie

Manufacturer: Bull SA
Cores: 77184
Power: 2251.00 kW
Memory: 308736 GB
Interconnect: Infiniband QDR
Operating System: bullx SUperCOmputer Suite A.E.2.1


8. JuQUEEN, Germany


JuQUEEN, Germany

Site: Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ)
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 131072
Power: 657.50 kW
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux


7. Fermi, Italy


Fermi supercomputer, Italy

Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 163840
Power: 821.88 kW
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux


6. Jaguar, United States

Jaguar supercomputer, United States

Site: DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Manufacturer: Cray Inc.
Cores: 298592
Power: 5142.00 kW
Memory: 598016 GB
Interconnect: Cray Gemini interconnect
Operating System: Cray Linux Environment


5. Tianhe-1A, China


Site: National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin
Manufacturer: NUDT
Cores: 186368
Power: 4040.00 kW
Memory: 229376 GB
Interconnect: Proprietary
Operating System: Linux


4. SuperMUC, Germany

SuperMUC supercomputer germany

Site: Leibniz Rechenzentrum
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 147456
Power: 3422.67 kW
Interconnect: Infiniband FDR
Operating System: Linux


3. Mira, United States

Mira supercomputer, United States

Site: DOE/SC/Argonne National Laboratory
Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 786432
Power: 3945.00 kW
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux


2. K computer, Japan

K supercomputer Japan

Site: RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS)
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Cores: 705024
Power: 12659.89 kW
Memory: 1410048 GB
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux


1. Sequoia, United States


Manufacturer: IBM
Cores: 1572864
Power: 7890.00 kW
Memory: 1572864 GB
Interconnect: Custom
Operating System: Linux