If you have been looking for a versatile, affordable and efficient platform to host your ecommerce website, you will concur this is a herculean task. Truth be told, there are many Enterprise Performance Management systems out there but most fall short when push comes to shove.

ecommerce platform

Luckily, Oracle still has its groove on and this is the reason it has persevered amidst stiff competition from other enterprise performance management (EPM) systems. Even if you already have an ecommerce platform that is operational, you need to explore application that is more specialized, offering robust functioning.

Reasons why Oracle Enterprise Performance Management systems Reigns

Oracle offers a system tested for decades by a vast range of industries, from the biggest brands to SMEs and everyone in between. To optimize on the powers of this EPM, you need to understand what it brings to your ecommerce strategy. Take a look:

  1. Versatility: Oracle has many types of solutions that are utilizable in all types of industries. If you look at Oracle users, they range from transport, telecommunication, FCGM, government, educational institutions among many others. Basically, you are already covered whatever your industry.
  2. Holistic commerce platform: Oracle EPM offers you a robust platform with all operations enabled through myriad site elements. From integrated SaaS (Software-As-A-Service), ATG web commerce solutions, applications to manage eCommerce data and much more, there is no dearth in creativity from the company to ensure seamless functioning of your business page.
  3.  Integration for more efficiency: Once you integrate your platform with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management system, it is all systems go. You will have a single platform where managing customer data for targeted marketing is possible.
  4. Enhanced security: When it comes to data, security is of utmost importance especially in the backdrop of the Sony Hack back in November 2014. Oracle enhances customer data protection through creation of a middle ware. This allows customers to push data securely thus reducing exposure by confirming all data passes securely.
  5. Improved performance through real-time updates: Loading time determines how well your ecommerce business visitors interact with you. Oracle ensures rapid loading times because data that would take minutes to load is instantly available. Well, the contemporary shopper loves fast loading pages and through this EPM, you will fulfill users’ dreams.
  6. Order and shipping management: Unlike any other EPM, Oracle goes an extra mile to help in order management as well as tracking of orders during shipping. The company’s experience dealing with shipping companies such as EPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx among others makes it easy for the company to configure your pick lists, label printing, scanning, automated quotes, bill of lading setup and processing and much more.
  7. Easy navigation on your page: If there is one pitfall most ecommerce sites find themselves in, it has to be poorly navigable platforms. You need to understand the modern shopper is choosy due to proliferation of online retailers. Oracle Enterprise Performance Management system helps through guided shopping where metadata helps shoppers get exactly that they are looking for.

To say Oracle is an integral part of a successful ecommerce platform is an understatement; the right word is indispensible.

Barry Timland has worked as a database administrator and researcher working with multiple companies in a span of over 17 years. Currently, he is an avid Oracle EPM consultant who also blogs prolifically on this technology during his free time.