For the last few months, there were a lot of rumors about a phone by HTC. As we all know, HTC a giant phone manufacturing company, they have gifted many outstanding phones for their customers. The recent big release of the HTC is the HTC One Smartphone, and it has been claimed HTC is going to bring a similar but smaller version of that device. The name of the upcoming device is HTC M4, it has also been called as the downmarket cousin of the HTC One.
Recently the image of this device has been leaked and all the courtesy goes to Evleaks and Phonearena, they leaked the image and made the design of this device visible. The image that was leaked is given here:

HTC M4's Picture and Specs Leaks: Regarded as the ‘Downmarket’ Cousin of HTC One

Image Courtesy-Phone Arena

Several specifications of this phone has been leaked as well. Some specs are given here:
• Operating System- Android 4.2 Jelly Bean mobile
• Display- 4.3 inch large screen
• Resolution- 720 pixels
• Processor- Snapgragon 400 Dual Core mobile processor at 1.2GHz speed
• Ram- 2GB built in
• Storage- 16GB (on-board)
• Camera- Ultra pixel technology (more specs are not found yet)
• Battery- 1700 mAh
• Body- Metal

Well, this device is very identical to its predecessor, HTC one. There are some similarities in the features as well. But the price of the HTC M4 will be very less than the HTC One. Actually, according to the rumour, it will be a mid-range priced phone, a mini version of the popular HTC One. But there is no specific information about the materials in this device, so HTC may not use the same materials this time.
It is a matter of fact, Samsung was expected to release their mini version of S4, named as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, very soon. It was considered as the most awaited device of this year, but the HTC M4 is going to be the direct competitor of that device. It may become an alternate to Galaxy S4 as well.
The HTC M4 is expected to be released in the middle of 2013, and you will get more information about very soon.