Like Nokia’s offline navigation in Nokia Maps, users of Android smartphones can use Google Maps in Offline mode i.e without having an internet connection. Here you can read the procedure on how it works.

If you have not installed Google Maps in your Android smartphone, you can download it from the Google Play store. If you already use Google Maps on your Android phone, you should still upgrade it to the latest version.

Here is the direct download link: click here to download Google Maps

1. Now start Google Maps, Once the app is started, press the Menu button and then click Options and Settings.

2. In the Settings menu, select the Google Labs option. Google Labs option currently in beta version.There, now Enable download map area. With this option you have the opportunity to tiles the maps even without Internet connection to use. Now close the Google Maps application.

3. Launch the Google Maps once again. Move your finger on the screen to select the desired position. Maps tiles can be downloaded, Whose edge length is 10 miles (16.09 kilometers).Then click in the middle of the desired map detail, Menu pops up, now select the entry from.

4. From the menu, select the item in the cache store in cards from the advance menu.The corresponding map tile is then transferred to your phone.The usable area of map tile with no Internet connection will appear on your screen, outlined in black.

5. You can save 10 map tile locations in the memory. If you want to delete the stored map tiles prematurely, to save space, click on settings now select cache option, there you can delete the entire cache. This means that all the map tiles which you saved for particular are are permanently deleted from your phone. If you want to delete only certain sections, then select pre-cached map sections, Now find the line of the saved tile map location and click on cross i.e delete option.Finally confirm you action with OK.


In this way you can access Google maps in offline mode with Android.