The new version of the operating system Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean was introduced only a few days ago, but now available to custom firmware. Official update on smartphones, such as the Galaxy Nexus , Motorola Xoom and others are expected to in mid- July . Samsung said the Galaxy S3 will be updated in the 3rd quarter of this year. If you are the owner of Galaxy Nexus , then you install the new version is available now. It takes less than 10 minutes .

Google Android 4.1 source code provided to developers back in the day of the première. A team of craftsmen XDA been optimized firmware and released free access. And the version is stable and the changes simply impressive.

Remember that all the actions you do to update your phone at your own risk , and after a wrong step, your smartphone can shut down forever, and void the official guarantee. Before you begin the process, think twice and update firmware on your own risk. You should backup all your data including photos and videos.

Galaxy Nexus to Jelly Bean

How to install Jelly Bean on Galaxy Nexus :

To avoid problems with the installation should do as follows:

  • Download driver files of Smartphone and unpack the archive to the root of drive C (or any other)
  • Download a set of utilities (Utilities for Mac Linux and CWM) to unpack in the same folder (eg C: \ Android \ tools)
  • Turn off the machine, connect it to PC USB-cable, press three buttons at the same time, “volume up”, “volume down” and “power button”. If you did everything correctly, you will see Android logo lying on his back under the label «Start» droid
  • How to update Galaxy Nexus to Jelly Bean
  • Follow in the Device Manager, find the “other devices” “Unknown device” (or «Android 1.0″) c exclamation mark in a yellow triangle and double-click on it (on Apple Mac computers do not need additional drivers)
  • Click ” Update Driver “, refuse to search online and select a local search for the driver, sending it into the directory C: \ Android \ drivers and allowing to search in sub folders, agree with all inquiries PC.
  • Call the command prompt and type cd c: \ android \ tools and press Enter (cd – an abbreviation of C hange Directory)
  • enter a command that will show the connected devices – Devices fastboot and see the following:
  • Now unlock the boot loader (also known as bootloader). For this purpose, the same command line, enterfastboot oem unlock. In the smartphone the power button respond positively to all requests.
  • After rebooting your smartphone, download stock firmware Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and put it in the root of the smartphone’s internal memory
  • CWM stitches fastboot Flash Recovery Recovery-Clockwork-touch-
  • For Mac, use instead of fastboot with. / fastboot-mac 
    For Linux, use instead of fastboot with. / fastboot-linux
  • without restarting the recovery partition, select the volume buttons and get into the menu of CWM
  • Choose ” install from sdcard ZIP “->” Choose ZIP from sdcard “- select the firmware file, and look forward to confirm the choice
  • Reboot. and rejoice with the new firmware.
If, after the complete procedure smartphone unsuccessfully to boot (hang on the logo), then just do a full reset of the recovery menu, and everything will be fine .