itunes useful shortcutsSometimes you need to transfer iTunes library to another drive. For example, if your new computer is having a 128 GB SSD, and the old computer has a terabyte hard drive and 100 GB of music.








Here I am going to show you how to transfer iTunes library to another drive by using simple steps.

1. Open your iTunes and go to the <Advanced> tab

iTunes Advanced menu selection

2. Click on the <Change> Button.

3. Choose a new path to store iTunes media. Enable <Keep iTunes Media Folder Organized> option.

4. Consolidate library iTunes – This action leads to the fact that all devices connected to the media library are placed in a single file, excluding links to external files.

Go to the <File> → <Library> → <Organize Library> → select <Consolidate Files> → OK.

Organize iTunes Library


By using above guide you can easily transfer iTunes library to another drive. To get more comprehensive instructions just visit the official site: