Today, most of the phones are coming with camera, but the performance on these can be very sad to some great cameras out there but what happens if you have a regular phone with regular camera, but need to take a clearer picture, sharper picture than this camera used to, Follow the tips given below which helps you to take better pictures from you camera phone.

1. Get a clean cloth and wipe the lens cover of the camera at the back side, remember, this has been inyour pocket and there is too much dust that’s accumulated there.

2. Pic your subject carefully (Fixed focus camera user need to locate their subject carefully), remember these camera do not work well in indoor or low lightning, also avoid bright reflections or direct light coming into the camera lens, choosing a brightly lit location, say a cafe with large sun window, or your friends in the garden helps.

3. Set your phones software to capture the image at highest resolution, also if you phone allows for adding affects make sure that is off.

4. Frame you shot and hold your phone steady now ready and click with a stable hand. Do not move immediately after pressing the shutter button as these cameras are slow, once you get the picture on the screen, see the results.