Gmail makes possible to send documents/files by email up to 10 GB: Attachment must be hosted on Google Drive.

The Gmail team has announced that it is now possible to attach documents/files to an email of any size – almost. You can actually attach a document that is stored in your Google Drive Account, which allows the transfer of files up to 10 GB (maximum limit). Still remember that free storage space included with any Google Drive Account is 5 GB Drive but you can buy additional disk space according to your requirement.

Gmail with 10GB attachment

Gmail with 10GB file attachment option from Google Drive

To upload a document on Gmail via Google Drive, you must use the new editing interface message and click the icon representing Google Drive. If it is not available to you, you have to wait a few more days this feature is extended to all.

Another way to do this is to simply copy and paste the URL of a document hosted on Google Drive into the body of the message.

Gmail automatically tests if your email recipients have sufficient access rights to access the document concerned. If this is not the case, Gmail will ask you to change the sharing options without leaving your interface to create a new mail.

Note: This system also requires recipients of mail have a Google account (to access the document on Google Drive).

The next step will certainly be a strong integration of Gmail with Google+  😉

If you use Gmail do not hesitate to give your comment on this service…