Android smartphones are very sick in terms of its battery life . Here I am giving you some Tips on how to prolong battery life of Android smartphones.

To save battery! How?

As one of the options you can try to install large number of diverse applications that claim to save and control the flow of energy. I once myself installed one application , but frankly speaking there isn’t any interesting result I observed. In general, do not be surprised if smartphone is discharged in a single day.Smartphone display consumes lots of battery power. In addition to the display, the main consumers of energy, which affect the consumption of the battery – it is an accelerometer, Wi-Fi, GPS, camera with flash, Bluetooth, of course, screen brightness, the synchronization features, applications, Facebook, Google +, often running in the background, and many other.

You If you want to save your battery power then not to Use anything at all? No, just smarter. We picked up a few tips to help you squeeze out the maximum battery Advice on how to save battery power.

Advice on how to prolong battery life of Android:

1.Do not lock and unlock your smartphone every five minutes. It is unlikely that you missed an important message to Twitter within five minutes. But unlocking the battery is a great deal.

2.Going to sleep? Turn your smartphone into flight mode. It saves battery power to a great extent and secondly be able to sleep peacefully without waking up on calls and messages. Do not worry, in this mode, the alarm will still work.

3.The accelerometer is responsible for screen rotation, depending on how you hold your mobile. Function is convenient, but voracious. If you do not often use it, then turn it off in Settings / Display / Rotate Screen.

4.Wi-Fi or 3G network – the main consumers of battery power. Especially when you have bad coverage, and at that moment you want to connect to the Internet. . However, how often you use them during the day? Think about it. By the way, both functions are rapidly incorporated into the main settings. Absolutely the same applies to the function of GPS. Unless you want to follow their own path of movement for the entire evening. GPS settings can also be found in the system tray, Android.

5.The camera flash – another enemy of the battery. Avoid flash photography, if your smartphone has crossed the border 30 percent charge. One photo can cost you a residual charge. The brightness of the screen, as already mentioned, a large consumer of energy. Usually, it is automatically adjusted depending on the light incident on the screen. However you can adjust the brightness convenient for you. In addition, the configuration will also power off the screen. The default is usually 30 seconds, but 10 seconds would be sufficient.

6.You are always online? Then I recommend to check the settings of applications such as Facebook, e-mail client, news reader, which is updated in the background and loads the latest information on a regular basis. If you are not ready to abandon it entirely, you can reduce the refresh rate, reducing it to once every two hours, for example. This is significantly prolong battery life. To do so is necessary to go to the configuration of the relevant application. The best option: allow applications update only in the area of ​ Wi-Fi access.

7.If you are typing anything on smartphone, we strongly recommend you to cancel the vibration and sound. Disabling these features in the settings, you will quickly notice the difference.

Additional tips:

1.If possible, try to charge your smartphone exclusively from the factory charger, which was supplied with the unit. Other chargers may be suitable for the connector, but have a different supply current, which can ruin the battery.

2.Do not try to charge the phone via USB-cable from the computer. Not only is this method of charging takes much longer, but also reduces battery life. Do not hold your smartphone is always connected to the charging unnecessarily. It also adversely affects the life of the battery. Many people mistakenly believe that a smartphone should be charged only in the off state. It is a myth.