PDF files are especially good when it comes to send a large documents to read. Unfortunately inflate various elements of a PDF file unnecessarily.There are various softwares are available by which you can optimize PDF files.

Make sure that you include a digital photo which size should be as small as possible , but image resolution should be large because even if it stretched the quality of image remains maintained. During the finalization of a PDF the file size make a difference.


☆ Microsoft Office : The Microsoft Office suite provides the ability to publish documents not only in standard quality, but also in the so-called minimum size. This is one of the best software available bin market optimize PDF files.

☆ OpenOffice.org : In OpenOffice.org program, you can control the quality of JPEG images inserted in the document. Moreover, by just a clicking you can optimize the PDF file which contains image which is more adequate for PDFs. The full PDF dialog can be accessed only via the “File” menu, fewer options and the Direct PDF export feature.

☆ Apple iWork: Apple iWork is the fastest PDF Optimizer, because few options exist. Select “Import”, then  choose “PDF” and then set it to how good quality image you want – that’s it.

If the PDF already done, then also it is possible to optimize PDF files by PDF editing software’s. There are no of PDF editor software’s are available in market one of them is ” PDFCreator ” freeware software, which also allows the compression of large image files within a PDF document.