Every webmaster or website owner always wanted to have stable and smooth performance of their website without any downtime, specially when your website is your main source of income. To monitor website there are lots of website monitoring services available on web which helps you to monitor your website 24*7 against any server error, downtime and other errors so you can immediately take action and ensure that website works again to avoid any loss of visitors, income and your prestige.

Often, the site does not tell you itself when it stopped working, and therefore, you may not know the status of it, as long as you do not find it or someone tells you. There are many services on web to monitor website for different services, but unfortunately not all of them are free. In this review I am going with detailed info of two free  24 × 7 website monitoring  Tools – 1.) pingdom   2).247webmonitoring.com


monitor website

Pingdom has deployed a network of monitoring servers located in various locations around the world. Pingdom servers perform round the clock monitoring to monitor and check the health of your websites and servers. In order to start monitoring your website with pingdom first you need to register. Before we get started with Pingdom i must tell you a few options that you can modify to suit your preferences, so to speak localization settings.For example, in what time zone you’re in, your country and what format to display numbers and time you prefer.

monitor website

In  localization settings you will find Country preset, Time Zone, Date format, and Number format setting which need to be done once. If you wish, you can change these settings later by going to the Settings page in the left menu. Then, after registering you need to enter the site address and set up monitoring. To add a new check to Pingdom, click Add new check at the main control panel page.

monitor website

You have to enter some name like your site name for each test, like i choose VGizmo for my site VGizmo.com. Choose the frequency of inspections or monitoring, that is how often Pingdom to monitor your site or server. The time between inspections can be from 1 to 60 minutes. If you think you have very busy site with lots of visitors and do not want to take chances even for single minute then you may select 1 min period to monitor website with pingdom.

Pingdom has several different types of testing protocol depending on what you want to monitor.Select the type of test, for example: HTTP (S), TCP port, Ping, DNS, UDP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. , obviously you also required to enter the site address or the IP of your server.

Optionally, you can also input the port number or other information you want to access the server, see the tab “Optional settings”. Additional settings allow you to select more advanced options. Then go to notification settings: Email, SMS, Twitter, iPhone, time after which the notice is sent, the number of notifications or frequency can be unlimited or which you feel convenient.

Send alerts can be an unlimited for number of contacts. Pingdom also does provide to send notifications to smart phones running Android or iphone.  If your site has multiple administrators, you can create multiple contacts to receive alerts about the problem.

You must enter: 1) email address for notification. 2) Mobile phone number for SMS (text) alerts. 3) select the available SMS-service provider. Pingdom will check your site after a specified interval, and if the site is unavailable, then you will be notified to the selected contacts. At any moment you can see the site statistics by logging in to pingdom dashboard.

Response time : Select a time period that you want to see the statistics. The graph will display monitor Uptime and Downtime. You can also see the total downtime of site and a detailed list of the results of all inspections.

you can also choose a time and see a graph of response times of the site. With maximum, minimum and average values.

Detailed log (Detailed check log report) can be downloaded in CSV format.

It is possible to look at the history of notifications, report and send it by email or export data to csv (Excel). You can filter the list to make it easier to find specific alerts you are looking for (for example, on a certain day at a particular contact).

Public Reports (Public reports):

When you activate this option of public report, you will receive a unique URL address as a summary page with (selected) test, and each of these checks and gets its URL address of the report. Here you can see when the last test was performed and the current state.Time and response time for each month and for each day of the month. Setting sending reports via e-mail (Email Report subscription) . Reports by e-mail can be obtained daily, weekly or monthly. You can also enter the email address manually if you want to send reports to people who are not in your contact list. Free mode has its limitations which is 20 sms per day. To remove the restrictions you need to buy a subscription to your account. With Pingdom you are the first to know when your site is not working or down. You can use Pingdom app for iPhone and Android when you are on move. Believe me, it’s very convenient when the error message you receive directly on your smartphone.

 247webmonitoring.com :

Other than pingdom you can also use 247webmonitoring.com 

it has same features as pingdom but monitoring period has minimum 15 min unlike 1 min with pingdom. However you can add more than 1 monitor in 247webmonitoring.com if you have more than 1 website to monitorWith free plan you can add maximum of five website to monitor.