You are still dying from the heat in a stuffy office, but already mentally soak in the sun-drenched beach? Be patient, have little time! In the midst of the holiday season, we decided to remind our readers some simple rules to follow that you are not only need a good rest, but you will have to keep gadgets safe from the dangers.
According to a recently conducted survey most of the people are not only going on vacation with their favorite mobile devices, they like to carry some other interesting gadgets like cameras, Tablet which, easily performing the role of the laptop.
32% of respondents admitted that their devices had trouble during the rest: the majority fall into the sand or mud, broken, overheated by the sun and fell into the water. Those who would like to avoid such dubious adventures, you should pay attention to these simple tips.

How to protect your gadgets from sand and dirt?

First, it is not recommended to bring laptops to the beach, they are bulky and heavy, and in too many different openings, which can easily be exposed to dust, dirt, sand and water. It is better to replace them with tablet or electronic reader. Readers are good because they do not create glare screen. Now a days tablets are very popular so it is also one of the best option for you but you must protect its display with a special anti-glare film.
Second, do not forget the protective covers. Although many do not really want to hide their achievement in the arts of design by ugly cover, but they are really indispensable to the beach and help your gadget. If you forgot to buy cover in advance, will help ordinary film or food package products, “zip”, which does not restrict the use of touchscreen and great gadgets will be saved from the mud and sand, and splashing water.
What to do if the device still picked up Sand? In this case, the aid will come from a zhatym air. By the way, I would recommend these advices  not only for emergencies, but also for regular maintenance of equipment.

How to keep gadgets safe from water?

Water is one of the dangerous factor which can damage your gadget permanently so it is important to keep your gadget safe from salt or any type of water, because the chances of “survival” after the salt bath is much smaller than when the device enters into fresh water. You can protect your gadget from water by having a special waterproof case, for example, DryCase , which has a huge number of proposals. The above methods may also work, but there is a risk of depressurization.
If your gadget still been in the water, first remove the battery and all removable parts. Do not insert the battery as long as possible, at least a few days. You have to use materials, which absorbs moisture, but the electronics dryer is not recommended.

How to prevent breakage if gadget dropped?

For almost every smartphone models or tablets have special shock-proof covers. Lovers of outdoor activities can be advised comfortable arm-covers, which are often combined in a shockproof, and the dust protection and water resistance. If you only need to secure your device in the road, try to wrap it in foil with air spaces.
Of course there are too many ways to keep gadgets safe, It would be interesting to know what methods used by our readers to protect their favorite device from any damage on the beach or a mountain hike?