If you want to run Windows 8 on the PC locally, and not as a virtual machine installed, install on USB flash drive is an attractive alternative to installing from a DVD . All you need is a 4GB USB flash drive and a free tool.

First you have to manage one thing , which is empty 4GB USB flash drive. After you load the freeWindows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool from the Microsoft Store . The installation of the tools designed to self-explanatory with three clicks.

Now you need the ISO file of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which has been previously downloaded. Now start the newly installed tool and selects the first step of the ISO file.

windows 8

Now selects one USB device as an option, then you do not want to burn the ISO file to DVD.Now you put in the desired USB flash drive. The tool also checks immediately that the USB stick is suitable.

By clicking on the Begin copying starts, the tool also has to copy the ISO file on the USB key and configure the USB drive as a boot device. Now you only have to have a little patience and at the end you can connect the USB key to the desired device. Depending on the configuration PC must be approved in the BIOS to boot from USB.


After installing Windows 8 of the USB stick can of course be used again as a normal USB stick. You can format the drive or just delete the files located on it.