How many times you came across the youtube video which has nice song you never heard before, or you just want to find out the song behind any video whether its Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacefe or vimeo etc.

The most easiest way to find out the song or music behind any Youtube video is to just click on the video statistics button below the youtube video player, you can see all information about the song source including the artist and the album name.  The problem is not all youtube videos has information about the song source, because only videos with song used from Audio Swap Library can only show all the information about song source.

To find song from youtube or from any other video sharing site you can use

find song

How to find out the song  from Youtube with help of midomi ?

First make sure your computer speakers are on and tuned to decent volume, you also need to have working mic. Now in your browser open the Youtube video and let youtube to complete buffering until you able to play full video from start to end. Now in browser open in new tab and play that youtube video from where vocal starts, prefer to play first line of song. Keep playing that video and quickly switch to opened in other tab, now click on box in middle which says “Click and Sing Or Hum”, midomi will record the sound coming from your speaker and will show source of sound including song name, artist and album name. The best thing about midomi is they have wide database of searchable music that covers almost all languages. Midomi also allows you to contribute to their database by singing in your own voice in any language or genre. So if you have recorded any regional or folk song which is not on web, next time anyone searches for that song, your voice might be the top in list.

This procedure works with any video sharing site including vimeo, dailymotion, metacafe etc.

If you have Android smartphone or iphone you can also install free app from which will do exact task as midomi.