Google recently announced a new, final, version of its very popular browser Google Chrome, one of the main feature of which is « Do Not Track » also known as (DNT).

The new feature in Chrome browser called Do Not Track allows you to prohibit sites that track users activity on their websites by placing cookies and other method.  With introduction of Do Not Track in Chrome, Google’s developers claim that effectiveness of DNT is depends entirely on the reactions of the various sites and services on the browser requests. The developers promise to interact with websites and improve function.

So all in all most people reacted in favor of DNT and want to activate this function on their web browsers.

Today we will learn how to activate or enable Do Not Track in Chrome Browser :

Step 1: Click  on the drop-down menu or main menu of chrome appeared in right hand on the top of browser and click settings.

how to enable do not track in chrome

Step 2: Click on show advanced settings in bottom of page.

do not track

Step 3: Now check the box which says, Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic. Confirm the action by clicking  on ok button on the box .

do not track chrome

That’s it, your chrome browser is now enabled with Do Not Track (DNT) feature.