Have You ever wondered when you logged in Google account every search you made goes through Google SSL connection? Last year Google switched all their products and services to use secure ssl connection. So when user who logged in Google account will always go through SSL and not able to disable ssl connection.

disable ssl

 Secure SSL connection means more security to the user and less chances for websites who tracks user data in the form of cookie, search terms and other method. When you search through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) third parties cannot track or find out from which search term you landed on their website.

Now the question is SSL connection serves more security to internet user why anyone wants to disable ssl?  Can we disable  SSL?

However SSL serves more security and makes searching activity more secure but in that process it also reduces the speed of internet connection, that means you may notice search over SSL is a bit slow compared to Non SSL search if you are using low-speed internet.

How to disable SSL search in Google ? Is it possible?

No. If you already logged in Google accounts you cannot disable SSL search nor any setting to turn that off. If you really wanted to turn off SSL then you have to sign out from Google account then you can search without SSL encryption.  One other way to turn off SSL search is a private browsing feature of all browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser. All web browsers has option of private browsing  which allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information or data about which sites you have visited. 

If you wanted to do a Non SSL search or disable ssl search when you already logged into a Google account then you can open private tab in the browser which allows you to do any browsing without a trace of your previous browsing session, that means in private tab there is no logged in user so you can browse the internet without SSL connection and same time using your Google account in the other tab. All browsers  have a default feature of private browsing, like in case of the Chrome you need to click setting icon then click new incognito window

In Firefox click Tools then click Start Private Browsing or press Ctrl+Shift+p shortcut from the keyboard. Internet Explorer also has option private tab.