Recently when working with opera and Chrome adblock extension I noticed that even after disabling these plugins, browser continues to block Google adsense ads. After scratching my head all over, i disable my Avira Antivirus and voila Google ads are now back.

The reason behind blocking Google adsense is : Avira Antivirus is blocking Google AdSense ads.

How to disable Avira blocking Google AdSense ads?

In order to disable or stop Avira blocking Google AdSense ads you need to add an exception to the anti-virus scanner. In the setting of switch mode of virus in the Expert mode, go to the tab Web Protection – Scan – Exceptions.

Google AdSense

In the URLs skipped by Web Protection Add Address * google *. Com. This version of the exceptions applies to all services of Google. To check all other possibilities use advance way by clicking on F1 in same window. Save all the setting and get out from Avira now Adsense ads are now back.