In today’s modern world, iPhones have turned out to be so popular that you can find many people in large cities owning one. But, these gadgets are so fragile that they are prone to breakage even with the lightest drop-down. And this is the reason that iPhone repair business has experienced such a massive growth recently.

There may be several problems faced with the iPhones like cracked display, a battery that does not charge or the gadget not working due to getting wet in rain or any other problem. Irrespective of what the problem is, if you take it to the repair center it’s for sure going to cost you quite a good amount. If you take some efforts to do the repair on your own by taking tips from online repair guides, you can save the money spent on the repair.

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In this article, you can find instructions for fixing two of the most common iPhone problems – dealing with a cracked screen, and dock connector that’s not working properly.

Dealing with a Cracked Screen

Has you iPhone’s screen cracked because you dropped it accidentally? You don’t have to rush to the repair center to get it fixed.

You can save a significant amount of money by following this simple DIY guide; so here’s what you need to do… Before starting the repair, make sure that you’ve backed up all important documents from iPhone to a computer. Purchase an iPhone glass repair kit, which will include the new glass for the screen and other small parts.

Make use of a screwdriver to unfasten the two screws at the gadget’s bottom part. Take out the cracked screen using a suction cup or a razor. You can find 3 layers of the screen (LCD, digitizer, and the glass screen). Pull these out gently and unfasten the screws. From the repair kit, assemble all these layers in this order LCD layer (slide it from the gadget’s bottom), digitizer, and then the glass screen. Fasten back all the screws.

Presto! You’re done with it! As simple as that! Why would you want to pay hundreds of dollars to the repair center when all you have to spend is just a few dollars for the repair kit?

Dock Connector Not Working: Do It Yourself

It may so happen that the dock connector of your iPhone could stop working, may be because you would have used it innumerable several times for charging the gadget or uploading pictures or music. You don’t have to get a new docking connector replaced by taking your iPhone to the repair center. The replacement procedure is as simple as doing on your own. Here are the steps to walk you through the process.

Purchase a new docking connector. Remove the damaged dock connector by using a screw driver for unfastening the screws that hold it in place. Then, find the metal handle and take it out from the suction cup.

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Now, you’ll see a rubber gasket that connects the front silver bezel and back display assembly. Separate these with some force. Then, find the small suction cup near the home button. Carefully, pull on it. Remember that the display assembly is not yet disconnected from the phone. Rotate it to an angle of 45 degrees and take out the assembly carefully without damaging any cables.

That’s it- you can now replace the new docking connector and place back all connections as they were before.

The next time you face any problem with your iPhone, make sure that you check out the Internet to find some DIY guides; if the repair is simple, try to manage things on your own, in order to save money and time!

Author Bio – Dermot has been writing articles on iPhone ever since he bought his first iPhone 3G way back in 2009. Ever since that day, he has been testing dozens of apps on iTunes, and he has even written many handy iphone repair by GCW from his past experiences.