You want to play it safe and save current settings and created Chrome bookmarks? As you can easily create a backup, how? you can read here.

Step 1

First you must download the Google Chrome Backup program which creates the backup of user settings and bookmarks.

You can download Google Chrome Backup v1.8.0.141 here.

Google Chrome backup

Google Chrome backup v1.8.0.141


Step 2

Once the download is complete, Click it once to start the installation. Install the program anywhere you want. If you want to start Google Chrome Backup, open the Google Chrome Backup program. Once the program is opened, click the top left of Run Wizard button.

The program asks you whether you want to create a backup or restore. By default, “backup” is set, so you only need to click on Next button.You must then select a location for your backup, by clicking Browse you can do. When you’re done, click the button backup .If you have Chrome still open, then an error message comes. Close your browser and click OK .To save space, the program will ask whether you want to create Google Chrome backup with an empty cache. If you do not wish to surf the History, click Yes .Now you’re almost there: Click Finish .Now your backup is created.


Step 3

If you want to restore you backup open the program as described above. Then click on Run Wizard again, now choose Restore option and click on Next button.You are then prompted to select your backup. By clicking Browse you can locate the folder where you saved your backup before. Then click on Next button to proceed further.By clicking on Restore your chosen backup is restored.

It will give you a warning as ” This will overwrite current profile. Proceed? Click on Yes . Close the program by clicking on the cross at the top right.