The smartphone market is very huge with variety of features and prices, so its difficult to choose right smartphone according to your usage.Primarily people are using mobiles for making calls, to send text, photography, listening music and other basic features but now people are expecting many more things from their mobile phones.

Here I am going to provide you tips to choose right smartphone according to your usage.


1.Operating System (OS)

In today’s world operating system is considered as a heart of smartphone.There are variety of operating system present in the market which are having their own unique features over the other operating system.Currently the leading operating systems in market are Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS,Nokia’s Symbian And RIM’s BlackBerry OS.If you are giving first preference to operating system while choosing your smartphone then first of all you know all the features as well as advantages and disadvantages of that particular operating system.

Google’s Android OS is the leading operating system in the market and its installed in most of the high-end smartphones.The main advantages of Android OS is, you can get most of the application form Google Play store at free of cost.Android is open source operating system so developers can easily customize it with advance features that might bt not present in official version. There are are no of custom ROM’s with additional features are available on internet.Google is always known for its quality products like Google search, Google Maps, Youtube , Gmail etc which are pre-installed and you will get updated versions regularly.For web browsing it has support for Adobe’s full flash and the browser is compatible with HTML5 so you will get PC like browsing on your smartphone.Like advantages there are disadvantages also Android is not a complete stable OS there are lots of security issues which might be fixed in future updates.

Apple’s iOS is the second most popular operating system in the World and Apple App Store stand on no.1 position in terms of highest no of apps. iOS is popularly known for visual effects and its Graphics User Interface (GUI).You can get variety of apps from App store, app store almost all the apps which are present for another platform plus iOS having some special apps which are unfortunately not available for other platforms.If you want to use your iPhone or any iProduct running on iOS for web browsing as a desktop then iOS makes you disappointed because iOS doesn’t have support for Adobe’s full flash which mandatory in order to view flash enabled content. iOS is one of the stable operating system present in the market that doesn’t have any security issues.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS is not much popular smartphone operating system, why? there are no of reasons: has very basic Graphics User Interface (GUI) which looks like so simple in front of iOS and Android. 2.There are not much applications for Windows Phone, some of the applications are very popular but unfortunately they are not available on Windows Phone platform. 3. It doesn’t have support for full flash means you have to sit on your desktop to browse flash content.Like Google, Microsoft is having some great products which will you get in Windows Phone OS itself only, some of them are Microsoft office, Bing search engine, Bing maps, XBox live app etc.

Nokia’s Symbian OS is one the leading smartphone operating system since a long time but what we can expect about the future development and support for Symbian OS If company is officially declared that they are giving support for this operating system upto 2-3 years (till 2015).Developers are also no more interested to develop their application for Symbian.Even Nokia is adopting multiple platforms for their smartphones which are MeeGO, Windows Phone OS it means they are also not much interested in their own operating system.

RIM’s BlackBerry OS is the most stable operating system present in market.BlackBerry OS has two most popular functions BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) and BlackBerry Enterprise Mail, specially designed for those people who are regular email users and people who loves chatting.But the main disadvantage of this OS is you need a separate internet plan for BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) and BlackBerry Enterprise Mail services which costs a lot.For web browsing it has HTML5 browser and support for full flash content.



If you want to really enjoy your smartphone then you need to consider all the parameters related to your display because Display plays an important role, which includes display type, display resolution and the most important display size.

1.Your smartphone must have display size at least 4-inch or greater, so you can enjoy your video’s as well as web browsing experience. 2. Maximum display resolution gives maximum clarity.If your display resolution is low then you need to scroll the content or web page which is having greater resolution. 3. Display type is one of the important parameter which plays an important role in sharpness and brightness.AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) displays consume very less energy as compared to LCD’s. AMOLED displays are having very fast response rate. AMOLED displays are difficult to see in direct sunlight as compared to LCD’s because of their reduced maximum brightness but Super AMOLED  technology addresses this issue by reducing the size of gaps between layers of the display.IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) panels are having their own features like quick response time, offer a vivid and clear picture, consistent and accurate color from all viewing angles, increases image quality, do not lighten or show tailing when touched which makes them ideal for touchscreens smartphones.



Its very important for smartphones that how much capacity battery they have because higher capacity battery gives maximum battery backup.Battery capacity is measured in terms of mAh (milli-ampere-hours. It’s a measurement of the amount of energy the battery can store) unit. So the no would be maximum as possible.Battery backup is also depends on the configuration of the device.Display size and technology, processor, network are the main parameters which consumes maximum battery energy.


4.Processor and RAM

These are one of the main parameters which improves the performance of different operations in the smartphone.The response of each and every operation depends on the frequency of processor and RAM.For example if you are trying to stream HD(1080p) video on your smartphone which having single-core processor with frequency of 600 Mhz then video cannot be run properly or even it shows you error.Multi-tasking is one of the main feature of smartphone so if you like to open multiple application at the same time at low frequency processor then some of the application crashes itself. So its better to go with smartphone powered by Dual-core or Quad-core processor and 512MB or 1GB RAM.



Camera is also one of the important parameter of the smartphone and there is a huge competition in camera phones in the market.Those who uses smartphone as a camera are always look for higher resolution camera but that’s not enough there are few more factors which you must be taken into consideration to get best camera quality. 1. Flash is very important when you click pictures in low light area. Xenon flash has maximum light intensity but unfortunately there are very few smartphones which are having Xenon flash so if the smartphone doesn’t have Xenon flash it must have at least Dual LED flash. 2. Full HD(1080p) and HD(720) are the parameters which gives crystal clear video recording feature. FPS(Frame rate per second) indicates how much frames camera capturing per second. 3. Image quality also depends upon the type of lens.Carl Zeiss is of the leading company in the world who provides best quality lens.