The Social Media Hootsuite announced support for Google+ Pages. Now Google account holders free to schedule posts for Google+ pages. However private profiles are not yet supported. Till now Hootsuite was available with Google+ pages but was limited to 200 enterprise accounts. Only now it is officially available to all accounts.

From long time Google+ users complaining about  inability to add rss feed to their Google+ pages. All social networking sites such as facebook, twitter allow user to autopost or schedule their rss/atom feed on their pages with inbuilt or external app support. As app support is absent in Google+, user has no option to add rss feed to auto post on their pages.

How to Auto-Publish RSS Feed to Google+ Pages with Hootsuite ?

RSS Feed to Google+RSS Feed to Google+

To manage your Google + pages with Hootsuite first login to your Hootsuite account, in dashboard click add another network, new popup window will open, click Google+ and then click connect with Google+ button. In the new window you have to sign in to your Google account associated with your Google+ page, Hootsuite will find the pages you have created and will ask you to choose which page you want to link with Hootsuite. Now you can stream all your RSS feed and manual post to your Google+ page automatically or manually via Hootsuite.

It should be noted that to manage and autopost rss feed to Google+ page you first need to add rss/atom url in Hootsuite account setting.