If you are running a shipping company, you have probably heard about systems that allow you to track your own vehicles at all times. You can see when they check in at certain hubs, but you can also track them in real time, seeing exactly how far they are from the next hub or drop-off point. This is beneficial in numerous ways, which is why these systems are so popular.

tracking vehicalsFirst of all, it allows you to give excellent tracking information to your customers. You can offer them incredibly accurate arrival time estimations, which they are sure to appreciate. This can reduce the amount of complaints that you get and pull in more positive online reviews – where the most common complaint is that a package arrived later than a customer thought that it would.

Next, you can see if there are complications as soon as they arise. This allows you to coordinate all of the trucks and shipments accordingly. You will not have people waiting on trucks that are running behind, with no idea why they are still waiting. You can move those people and vehicles into other tasks, keeping productivity high in any situation.

Finally, you can analyze the information and make changes for greater levels of efficiency. This can help you cut out things that are wasting time and effort, improving the way that your company runs and making shipping times even faster than before. If you want to learn more, check out our 5 minute demo here!