Unless you have a great deal of money at your disposal, having insurance for expensive items is a necessity. Many devices, such as laptops, tablets, televisions and games consoles will be covered in your house insurance (it is however important to double check exactly which devices are covered and also, how much the excess is for each). However, you may find taking out a separate gadget insurance policy is more beneficial.

insurance laptop

Despite these items being often covered on your house insurance, this doesn’t mean they are protected whilst abroad, during a commute or when walking to and from work. If anything happens to your laptop whilst on a train, your house insurance for this exact item will be void.

Laptops are expensive items and when damaged, they can cost a great deal to fix. With insurance however, you will be able to make a claim. Your insurance provider will then take up the repair of this item. They will usually ask you to source a repair company of their choice in order to obtain a quote. If both you and your insurance provider are happy with this quote, the claim will go ahead.

If however, you leave your laptop on a train, plane or in a waiting room, you will have little chance of getting it back. Many won’t even realise it is gone until too late, and it is surprising how many individuals actually make this mistake. You may be jetlagged, fighting queues, forget to remove it from the pocket of a seat or leave it open on a table.

Without insurance, you will have to purchase a new device using your own hard-earned money. With insurance however, you can place a lost or stolen report with the police, give this to your insurance provider and a new laptop will be with you in no time. You may have to pay £50-100 in excess charges, but this is far less than the cost of a brand new laptop.

Laptops are a huge part of our day-to-day lives; we use them to stay-up-to-date with work out of office hours, to stay in touch with friends and family, check emails and create important documents. Many will often fill them with pictures, work and home-related documents, essays, school reports and contact details. With this in mind, it is important to ensure you back everything up, especially if you plan on buying a new device. If you have had your existing laptop for three years or more, you may wish to upgrade it to a newer model. In order to do this, you could sell laptop devices and other unwanted gadgets. Many of these gadgets will often be left gathering dust in a drawer or attic space, but just because they are no use to you, this doesn’t mean they hold no value – and by recycling them, you could in fact make a little money to put towards a newer device.