Before we begin our next review of Hamster Cannon, we would like to ask all the hamsters and their owners, who worry too much for them to just stop reading this review. And all because the new game from the developer called Big Blue Bubble, which is called Hamster Cannon , you’ll be fed hamsters.

Hamster Cannon

Does it sounds innocent enough? Not at all, because the animals have to feed the furry, shooting them from a cannon. Your task is to shoot in such a way that a hamster in the air bouncing off surfaces, skirting obstacles, and collect all the gold buns.After collecting a certain number of the aforementioned buns, you can open a new in-game content.

Hamster CannonHamster Cannon

The game is based on the action of physics laws, and you  have to smash your head to get through certain levels. In addition, it will give you a fun and colorful graphics and simple gameplay . You can download it for free, Google Play.

[box_download] Download Hamster Cannon from Google play[/box_download]