MIS stands for Management Information Systems. There is a great opportunity to build a bright future being a MIS executive in India. Hundreds of job openings are available every day for this job all over India. The most important need for this industry is the people’s networking, information and technology. The communication and technology need to be upgraded every moment. A MIS executive is responsible for all issues related to performance of other MIS staffs, information and data and up gradation of technical aspects.

mis exicutive

Requirements for the job

  • Good team work knowledge
  • Multitasking skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Basic word processing software
  • MS excel, Access, MySql etc.
  • Good computer knowledge and latest technologies related to the job
  • Graduate(Any stream) or HSC pass out

Job functions

A MIS executive has to check all the systems which need technical up gradation. Doing this job you may have to look after other MIS staffs and their targets. Company’s managements and client relationships also falls under a MIS executive’s responsibility. Basically all the managements related to information and technology has to be handled by a MIS executive. He has to maintain the budget allotted to information and technology department and upgrading the technical aspects according to that. He has to provide the daily business in formations and updates to the company. He may have to check the reasons of any type of loss faced by the company. A MIS executive has to look for the factors to increase the efficiency of the company. The executive even has to meet the management team often for the constant growth of the company. When a deal is done with a client the data of the deal has to be saved by him in records of the company. A MIS executive informs the company about its strengths due to which profit is maintained and the weaknesses due to which company is facing loss.

Things to avoid

Having lot of qualities are not enough for this job. There are some things you need to avoid during the job.

  • A MIS executive must not neglect the time management issues. Time is money and he has to understand these things. Submitting reports on time and supervising other issues with punctuality has to be done. If a executive is punctual then only his team will be punctual.
  • Avoid miscommunication and misbehavior with clients. Clients are the most important thing for any company. There is no chance of misbehaving with any client by an executive or by his team. Satisfaction of clients is the priority of any company. Client is not only satisfied by the quality products and service but also from the communication of the employee who deals with the client.
  • Overconfidence is harmful. It may be possible that an executive knows more than his senior in some aspects, that doesn’t mean that the senior doesn’t deserve respect. In this professional world, you have to be humble especially with seniors as no matter how good you are, replacement is always an option.
  • Don’t take the competition for granted. If you are doing well that doesn’t mean others are just watching and applauding your performance. Other employees are also in the competition. Performing a great job and achieving a position is not important, maintaining the position is important.

Achieve heights with the job

If you are ready to get 100% involved in this job then MIS executive jobs in Mumbai is welcoming you with a handsome salary you deserve. This is a great opportunity to earn money as well as experience of dealing many issues at a time. Inside the complete professional atmosphere you will definitely be able to fulfill your ambitions. By maintaining the growth of the organization, you will surely achieve success in terms of salary and promotions. Meeting with different types of clients of different regions, for meetings visiting various countries, getting a highly corporate atmosphere, everything is there you can get in your dream job. You just have to understand your responsibility of the data and information security as well as up gradation. Dealing clients in a amazing way, managing various issues of information and technology and supervising various elements for the company’s growth are the main function that will lead you to the top of this industry.