Google now has a good standing in the smartphone market. Starting with a Nexus device from Samsung few years back and till the LG Nexus 4, they have received applause and praises from all those who are Android fans, and greeted for their innovativeness. And since this tech giant acquired Motorola, everyone actually become highly enthusiast about the new unreleased smartphone Moto X. What will its specifications be? Well, the specifications were leaked on a tweet from @eveleaks which is pretty trustworthy. So what will the Moto X have on board?

Google’s New Smartphone Moto X Specs Leaked

According to eveleak’s tweet on Twitter, the phone’s configuration is pretty cool in today’s standards. The phone will have a 1.7 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor and a 2 GB of RAM will be alongside this processor to make this phone perform faster. Nothing we could know about the display but considering the trends in the market these days, we are expecting that the phone will have a 720p display. The internal memory is expected to be at least 16 GB, nothing about the memory expansion option was said in the tweet. The cameras, both of them would be good, if they actually come out as they are tweeted. The rear camera would be able to capture photos of 10 mega pixels and the front facing camera would be capable of shooting still pictures in 2 mega pixels.

Maybe there will be a change in the Google’s device launching trend in terms of new version of Android launch, as this device is expected to hit the market with Android version of 4.2.2.

Motorola confirmed about the manufacture of their new smartphone making facility in the United States and this facility is going to be the first to manufacture smartphones in the US; the journey will begin by manufacturing the Moto X. This new smartphone is expected to hit the market in this summer.

The device probably would come with a 4.8 inch display and if it’s true then you may call it a phablet. And if all the specification that was leaked comes out to be true, then probably we are looking forward to the announcement of a mid-ranged flagship smartphone.