Google is reportedly planning to release their own comments system for sites, very similar to facebook comments for website. New Google comments will be part of Google+ project and other Google products.


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Google’s comment system – a further step towards the universal comment service:

Tech blogger WD Saud Al-Hawawi yesterday reported on his blog ,as he was attending the Google events held at Saudi Arabia, several new Google products, discusses the soon to be published – including the new comment system was discussed in that event. New Google comment system is very similar to current discuss comments system, it will allow comments to be indexed in Google search and will be available to third party like wordpress, Joomla etc.

One can assume that Google comment system as a direct competitor toFacebook Connect widget “Comments Box”Google for such a service would of course also bring added value to users more closely to himself and to enrich the Google search with additional content. Given that Google has its own Google + social network anyway as “identity service” considered such comment system would be a logical development.

While Google’s comment system will index the comments in search results with on-off action feature, unlike facebook comments which never get indexed in search results. It is questionable, if Google might allow login with facebook or twitter in their comment system. 

Apart from the comment system Saud Al-Hawawi also talked about vanity URLs for Google Plus instead of long and bulky URLs which do not represent person name like facebook , also launch of Google Drive Cloud Storage service.