After about four months after the announcement, Google began to connect subscribers to its Gigabit Internet (high-speed access to the internet). The lucky residents of Kansas City, need to pay $70 a month for Gigabit Internet and 1 TB cloud storage. In the $120 cost, user will get Gigabit Internet access plus TV (Google promises hundreds of channels), and 2 TB of cloud space.

google gigabyte internet

In addition, the search giant offers free internet data rate of 5 Mbit/s – the user need to pay $300 for the engagement of communications.

When you connect with Google, you must enclose a one-year contract, when it comes to Internet and television – the contract is for 2 years.

Users who are already connected to Google Gigabit Internet, reported that actual access speed is 600-700 MB/s and for Wi-Fi – up to 200 Mbit/s.


google gigabyte internet


Google Fiber – Bringing Ultra High-Speed Internet to Kansas City