A nice innovation from Google comes out on the latest platform Android Jelly Bean  4.1  in the form of Google Ears : a program that can recognize the music and display the info with song name, author etc. The idea is not new – surely you know about the application  Shazam  and SoundHound , which works on a similar principle. But Google Ears is much easier and faster than their competitors.

google ears

The app is visible in the form of the widget on the smartphone desktop. All you have to do – click on the widget, and app will recognize the song currently playing. Further, Google Ears shows  the name of the artist, song and album,  and then offers to buy this song in a market Google Play Music.

How the widget look watch the video:

Android geeks did not wait until Google officiallly publish an application on play store and have already posted on a popular forum XDAWell, look at how the widget can be in the video.

Those who have already managed to use the service, say a high speed and accuracy of determination of playable tracks, the application will only run on Android 4.0 and above.

You can download Google Ears .apk from here.