Gmail App for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch updated to version 1.3 and now available to download from iTunes App Store. The update improves the interface  of the iPhone and iPod touch. An overview of the new features and enhancements can be found below.

Screenshots of app :

Gmail App for iPhone
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4

Download Gmail App for IOS Version 1.3

The version 1.3 of the official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is now available on the iTunes App Store to downloaded and install.

What’s New in Gmail App for IOS version 1.3 –

  • The interface for the iPhone and iPod touch now reacts faster.
  • Save picture attachments to your photo library. Touch and hold an image to save it.

Overview of the Gmail app for iOS

Use Gmail as you’re used to – with the official app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

  • Notification of new e-mails.
  • E-mails sorted in clear conversations.
  • Efficient organization of label, archive, mark up, delete and report spam.
  • Overlooked with the sorted input about important news.
  • Automatic name completion while you type.
  • Send and receive attachments.
  • Search in your complete e-mail.

There are some new features specifically for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch:

  • Notifications and optional audio signals for new messages.
  • Attach pictures from photo albums.
  • Labels and e-mail number on the left side of the screen.
  • Auto-complete Email address from Gmail contacts or the contacts stored on the device when writing e-mails.
  • Check for new e-mails simply by wiping down after.

The updated Gmail app is for IOS devices is applicable for  iOS 4 or higher.