All types of visitors in a blog or website are termed as traffic. Traffic can be categorized into three types, namely, direct, search and referral. In this article, we are going to study about referral traffic. If you are looking increased referral traffic to your website approach firms that offer SEO Utah.

referral traffic

Referral Traffic

When visitors enter your website through a social media site or another website, it is called referral traffic. You must have noticed blog sites showing links of blogs to another website. The sharing of interesting news or post in a social media network also brings referral traffic to that site.

Benefits of Referral Traffic

  • Referral traffic brings your site to the attention of potential buyers and also increases the sales of your company.
  • With increase in traffic, your site will gain higher ranks in search engine results. Higher rank means higher search engine traffic and thus, enhanced sales.


This is a unique way of generating referrals by paying other websites. These websites display the links of your website. As a business owner you have to pay Google a certain amount for a specific keyword related to your business. For instance, you have a garment business. You can use keywords like, girls’ leather jackets or women’s fashion. These keywords will be displayed on websites that show advertisements. You pay Google for each click that leads to your site. The cost you have to incur may range from a few pennies to a several dollars. Google Adwords is the largest pay-per-click firm.

Quality in Referral Traffic

Referral traffic can be good, very good and even not so good. Good referral traffic is visitors who spend considerable time clicking on other pages of the site. Such traffic heralds from a popular source with related content. Good traffic includes those visitors who click on links of both advertisements and sales. Good traffic reflects average behavior of a normal visitor.

Low quality referral traffic or unnatural traffic comes from sites that are known to annoy people with unnecessary advertisements. Such visitors click on the link of your site only to leave the webpage because they are not interested in your site. If the number of unnatural backlinks to your site is more than natural links, your website will rank lower in search engine results.

Finding Good Quality Referral Traffic

Backlinks that are connected to your business bring good quality referral traffic. For instance, a link from a blog site that writes about dresses may help in enhancing the traffic to your website. If the writer of the blog adds your website link to a post, you can enjoy more referral traffic. Social media traffic helps ideas to get viral and so, is good for the success of a business.

Enhancing Referral Traffic

If you are establishing a new website, it is important that you attract traffic for the website. It can be done in the following ways.

  • You can set up a Facebook page for our business and post regularly in it. You should also link the account to your own social account. You can make a Twitter account. If there are similar businesses, you can follow them on Facebook.
  • You can search for blogs and forums that speak about topics related to your website. You can also contribute in those forums by providing useful information. This way, you will be able to build a reputation for yourself. When writing in the forum, sometimes add the link to your site.
  • Build a blog page and post there regularly. This is the place where you can promote your business by writing about new products or services.

Referral Traffic is very useful in taking your business to the heights of success. So, take the help of a SEO service providing company that adheres to recent SEO guide for helping you out.