These days, technology has changed our lifestyle to a great extent. We like to prefer Smartphone communication over telephone interaction. When it comes to getting a news update of the world then we again have two options; one is newspaper and second is Amazon Kindle. No doubt, a tech guy would love to buy the Amazon Kindle than a newspaper. The reason is that the digital e – reader-kindle- gives him a chance to read the latest news on fashion, technology, health, science and other aspects of life through a simple tap. On the other hand, the newspaper doesn’t provide an update of all such aspects. So, it’s good to start exploring All new Kindle from Tesco.


Although Amazon offers a wide variety of Kindles but I would like to mention only two latest models. Here are the details of both.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire:

When you have a desire to read latest fashion magazines, then it is colorful touchscreen of Kindle Fire that facilitates you a lot. The crisp and vibrant 7 inch LCD touch screen display of this colorful e-reader allows you to get access to more than 22 million magazines. In addition, you are able to browse the web, watch the movies and listen your favorite songs via it. It brings Wi-fi connectivity along with integrated Facebook, Gmail and Twitter apps.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD:

No doubt, it is among the best tablets from the house of Amazon. This e-reader makes it simple for its users to enjoy the real HD experience. This tab brings 7 or 8.9 inch crisp and clear colorful touchscreen display. There are three models of this tab; one comes with a 7 inch display and Wi-Fi, second with 8.9 inch touchscreen and third features with an 8.9 inch touchscreen and 4G LTE wireless.


In case you only want to read books then it is advisable to buy Amazon Kindle Touch and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite because these are designed just for book readings. You can get the details of all new kindle from Tesco website. Go and check the pricing and order details right now.