Fujitsu at MWC 2012 presents Fujitsu Arrows phone which works on a quad processor, NVidia Tegra 3 running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . However, due to the fact that this test sample, the system has not adapted.

fujitsu arrow

It seems that the Japanese manufacturer decided to make the most feature-rich smartphone on the market. And it seems he almost succeeded.

The models have not yet given a final name, we know only the name of the ruler Fujitsu Arrows . Most likely something like this would look like the leader. In addition to a powerful processor with a high-quality IPS screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches and HD (1280 x 800) resolution. The main camera has a matrix on the 13.1Mp , except that on the back cover is an infrared sensor and a fingerprint scanner.

The gadget is made of moisture and dust-proof enclosure, like many other Japanese smartphones. Apparently our Asian friends often drown their Soup in the bathroom, and the producers are trying to save them. In addition, the smartphone might catch a TV signal to the DMB.