Flutter the app that control your media with a gesture of a hand with the help of webcam has been updated with the ability to skip the current playing song with a hand gesture. As some of you already know that flutter allows you to play & pause music with a hand gesture.

Flutter works with  iTunes, Spotify, VLC and Quicktime on Mac and Windows Media Player with Windows. The older version of Flutter 0.1.185 only allows you to Play or Pause current song. Lately, a lot of users requested Flutter to add a feature to skip the current song with a hand gesture and now the same has been added by the company.

What’s new with the new Flutter:

– Two gestures: Play/Pause and Next Song
– New interactive training
– New UI & Icon
– Reduced mistakes for Play/Pause gesture; you may see some false firing for the “Next Song” — do tell us how it goes!
– Increased responsiveness
– The “Report a Mistake” feature is temporarily disabled and will return soon

On the official Facebook Fanpage Flutter announced the new version of app on July 23 by posting link of official website which says,

First we made your heart flutter, On August 1st, We’ll make it skip a beat.

Those lines clears that new added feature, which is nothing but ability to skip the track with a hand gesture. However Update was meant to be released on 1st August, but the website still shows the old version of Flutter 0.1.185.  The new version of the app might also come with some other exciting and most requested features such as Mute and Volume control with some new hand gestures. There is also the possibility to control YouTube, Pandora, Netflix and Hulu, as it is already mentioned as coming soon featured on Mac App Store.

How to control music with hand gestures? Control music with webcam:

Control music with webcam

How does Flutter really work?

Download Flutter for Windows or Mac from https://flutterapp.com.