Considered as one of the leading fabless semiconductor company for digital multimedia solutions and wireless communications, MediaTek Inc. announced its revolutionary MT8135 System-on-Chip (SoC) for tablets on 29th July, 2013. MediaTek has dumped the regular quad core design of MT8125 and chose the favourable ARM® big.LITTLE™ processing design for MT8135. The quad core solution is integrated with two highly executing ARM Cortex™-A7 and two ARM Cortex™-A15 processors, and also uses the latest GPU the PowerVR™ Series6, by Imagination Technologies. The ARM® big.LITTLE™ permits diverse multi processing, which is further prepared to serve users more efficiently. This enhances the ability to flawlessly tackle wide range of processor-intensive tasks. With optimized power efficiency, complex tasks like heavy duty gaming, intense web downloading, rapid multitasking and super quality video viewing can be performed without much effort.


Optimized big. LITTLE™

The ARM big.LITTLE™ processing design is targeted at thermal and energy issues linked with multi core System on Chip (SoC). Dual collection of SoCs, with bigger collection (big) used for exhaustive processing tasks and the other less effective collection (LITTLE) used for scheduled execution function, is implemented in the design of ARM big.LITTLE™. The exclusive design of the SoC makes the device thermal and energy efficient.

The new MT8135 sports a MediaTek created four in one connectivity assembly, which includes Bluetooth 4.0, FM, GPS and Wi-Fi. It is build to combine wireless technologies and produce high hand performance for the leading multimedia tablets in the market. With Miracast certification by Wi-Fi, the MT8135 permits sharing of multimedia data between tablets.

Also as an add on feature, the MT8135 SOC (System On Chip) supports extraordinary graphics performance powered by PowerVR™ Series6 GPU, developed by Imagination Technologies. The new MediaTek Quad core MT8135 tablet SoC will create a high standard in the area of super fast gaming, enriched graphics applications and smooth UIs and bring great transformation in use of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The MT8135 is expected to deliver GPU computational power five times more than the earlier introduced processors for the tablets.

MediaTek has been successfully launching its quad core processor series since last December. Since then, MediaTek has been involved in around 350 projects and has been used by more than 150 models of mobile device across the globe.  The MT8135 is the latest inclusion in the quad core processor series and similar to its predecessors will become a preferred efficiency standard.

About MediaTek Inc.

MediaTek Inc. is a chief fabless semiconductor company that deals with digital multimedia solutions and wireless communications. The company markets radical SoC system solutions for high definition TV, DVD, Blu-ray, wireless communications, optical storage products. MediaTek was founded in 1997 and listed with Taiwan Stock Exchange with ‘2454’ code. It has its headquarters in Taiwan and research and sales subdivisions in Singapore, United States, Mainland China, India, Korea, Japan, England, Denmark, Dubai and Sweden. For further information about the MediaTek Company and its products, you may visit the official website at