New York users who are the main users of social website face book, they used search engines and release different designs, and make it easier for the people to find them easy. They also gives many facilities like they make easier these things like finding people, uploading photos, pictures and status. This search tool release in January by Face book, and on that period this was the smallest version for 1.1 billion people, they continued test it when released this smallest version. After the next few weeks, they make some changes on the search tool, and this is called Graph Search, this called is for all those who speak US language of English.


Facebook TO Begin Rolling Out Graph Search TO US English Users





Many people use Google engine, but this search can be used for find specific things. Face book is very common in this, users can search many things, it is can be used to reveal secrets under social circles and this is also be used for many positive things. You can find your classmates, places and restaurants. There is also a facility of finding friends of friends; you can set dates of your memorable event.

Graph Search:

Face book will started this rolling begin in the Monday of US. In this search, they will introduce any interesting features, which can be very useful for finding save searches with important information. This can be used by users of face book for searching of places, videos, events and contests. But this tool release data from public and you can posts this result within your friend circle if you want. All users who use US English can used this tool easily within days.

Updated Version:

It is an updated version of tools on face book. This tool is for all those who get bored with the same tool of using and updating status. Face book also notify you when you using this tool, they can help you in accessing this tool. Because sometimes in start there is a difficult for some people, who have no experience in using this type of tools.