Facebook today globally rollout its Facebook Offers for pages feature after the long test. Now all Facebook pages with more than 400 likes or fans can offer Facebook deals or Facebook offers to its customers or users.

Initially Facebook offering first offer free for pages and thereafter one can offer it along with Facebook ads only. The user can decide the advertising budget depending on the range to be achieved with the offer.

There are three different types of offers user may offer :

Facebook offers

  • In Store Only – People can show to the staff at your business by printing the offer email or showing it on their Smartphones.
  • In Store & Online – People can redeem offer at your business’s physical location or website.
  • Online Only  – The user can only redeem the offer from your website.

Other features of Facebook offers are:


  • Setting a barcode – All tenders, a barcode is passed, which facilitates the appropriate use in the business.
  • Insert code to redeem – Online Since a barcode precious little benefit, of course, a code can also be stored.
  • Terms Add – each package can be added a small print.
  • Offering Period – the exact validity of the tender can be adjusted.
Facebook offers


 How to create an offer on Facebook pages :

To create an offer:

  1. Go to your Facebook Fan Page with Admin rights.
  2. Head over to sharing tool at the top of your Page’s timeline, click Offer, Event + and then click Offer.
  3. Click the kind of offer you want to make: In Store OnlyIn Store & Online or Online Only.
  4. If your offer can be redeemed online, type the complete web address where people can redeem it and add an optional redemption code for people to enter. Then click Next.
  5. Type a strong headline for your offer. For example, “Buy one pair of socks, get another pair free.”
  6. Upload a photo for your offer in thumbnail size.
  7. You can choose to limit the number of claims by clicking Unlimited and selecting a number from the dropdown menu.
  8. You can set an end date by clicking today’s date and clicking a different day in the future.
  9. Add terms and conditions of your offer by clicking Terms.
  10. For in-store offers, add an optional barcode to scan at your business.
  11. Click Preview to check and review what your offer will look like. We’ll also send you an email with a preview of what the offer email will look like when people claim it.
  12. Click Back to make changes.
  13. When you’re satisfied with the preview, click Set Budget.
  14. Choose the amount you want to spend to promote your offer.
  15. Click Share.

Source : http://www.facebook.com/help/offers